Weekend Quezon Getaway


I’m finally back! Sorry, ‘coz it took so long to blog about my latest adventure. It’s because I just started my first job at Asian Advantages as Jr. Web Developer. Hooray! And yes, because of that I can travel the world one step at a time maybe after 3 months of working. Hahaha.

Back to the topic. Last week, May 21-22, 2016. We decided to experience the hidden gem of Pagbilao, Quezon. When I was 1 year old we used to live there because of the fact that my dad’s job was selling and buying island for VV Soliven. And my mom said to me before the trip that Kwebang Lampas was one of the properties that my dad used to handle. Isn’t amazing? That’s why my dad was a great diver because the depth of the sea was not for the people like me. (love the sea but can’t swim).


So, our itinerary for the whole weekend:


02:00 am – Meet up / Shaw Blvd

02:30 am – Start land travel to Quezon (EDSA – SLEX Route)

05:00 am – Breakfast/Stretching (but actually we waited for the other group that our organizer handled.)

07:00 am – Shop at Local Market for fresh meat/fishes. Gather missing supplies (zombie apocalypse?)

08:45 am – Arrival at Port (I dunno what they called it, basta you need to travel by bangka for about 5 mins.)

09:00 am – Start trekking to Kwebang Lampas

09:15 am – Arrival at Kwebang Lampas

09:30 am – Breakfast (provided by organizer)

10:00 am – Swimming time/Explore the Kweba

12:00 pm – Lunch

01:00 pm – Island Hopping (bangka was included in our package)

01:30 pm – Arrival at Marquez Resort/Picture taking/Experience being stung by Jelly fish

02:00 pm – Ride a bangka to Bilaran Sand Bar

02:45 pm – Arrival at Bilaran Sand Bar/Picture taking/Feel the awesome view/Find some star fish/Beware of sea urchins/Swimming

03:30 pm – Realize that you are three-tone darker than your original color.

03:45 pm – Convince your group that they are getting darker too.

03:46 pm – Found out that there is no shade anywhere.

03:47 pm – Still want to stay because its tooooo beautiful.

03:50 pm – Go back to Kwebang Lambas (You can’t live there forever)

04:30 pm – Arrival at Kwebang Lampas. Eat meryenda. Play cards. (But I chose to sleep anyways..)

06:30 pm – Dinner

08:00 pm – THIS SHOULD BE A “BIGAY PUGAY KAY EMPIRADOR” But we are too tired to do it.

08:01 pm – Lights out. zZZ


06:00 am – Wake up.

06:30 am – Breakfast.

07:00 am – Play cards/Explore Kweba (low tide)/Picture taking

10:00 am – Pack up!

12:00 pm – Buy pasalubong at Rodilla’s

05:00 pm – Arrival at Shaw Blvd.

I know I shouldn’t be a beach lady because I’m not a good swimmer and I hate wearing fitted rash guard. But lately, my friends would end up suggesting a beach for our destination. And beach was a good subject for photography. I love everything about it right now. The people enjoying the beach. The stray dogs that was roaming around it. The sea shells, starfish, and waves. The sunset and sunrise. And the smell of the sea.


Oh, before I forget. I will warn you about Kwebang Lampas. During peak season and weekends, there are so many people out there. And because the place was not that spacious like Anawangin, expect the noise during night because you can bring alcoholic beverages. Beer = Unwanted Late Night Talks About Life, Science, Politics, Etc. Also, the fresh water for shower was waaaaaaaay tooooooooo expensiiiiiiiiiive. Php 50 per gallon. Plus the toilet was “cannot be used by the people who are so maarte” or even the people who are not maarte. It’s not very inviting. It’s not a comfort room without “comfort” right? Well, maybe because there are no care takers of the island. And the people are not flushing their wiwi especially in Ladies Room.


But. I can say that the beach has a great potential if the locals will start to take care of it. Especially, Kwebang Lampas is getting popular right now. The reason? It was the sand and the cave. Very fine white sand. The cave was very Instagram worthy especially when you when there early in the morning because of the low tide. It’s easier to when inside during low tide.


But Kwebang Lampas was not my favorite part of the trip. It was the Biliran Sand Bar. It was my first sand bar experience. And it was love at first foot step. The sand was not hot at all. You can walk in the middle of the day without hurting yourself. The sandbar is wide enough to have your “beach goals photos”. Plus the view was sooooo goood to be true. You will see the power plants and the other islands nearby.


“Pak! Aura!” As you can see. I have a good photographer. Look at how he took my photo. Look at how straight the horizon is. HAHAHHAHA. But he’s willing to learn naman.

Btw, in this photo. I used my shades as filter. Arti lang. HAHAHAHA. Hopefully, in our next trip I can buy a legit filter. Speaking of next trip. I’m planning to blog a travel bucket list and things I wanted to experience during that trip. And to summary this trip:

  • Do not expect a cozy comfort room. (Well, try to learn not to expect anything from someone na din. LOL)
  • There’s huge number of beach bummer during peak season and weekends.
  • The fresh water is veryyyy expensive.
  • Do not wear 3/4 leggings. Because you will end up having a “as-if-wearing-a-boots” tan lines.
  • Be brave. Pee on the shower room.

Total Expense:

Travel Package w/ food: Php 1600.00/person

Tent Rent: Php 500.00/4 person

Rodillas’ Yema Cake: Php 140.00

Next trip: Mactan, Cebu courtesy of AsianLogic Inc.

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