Mt. Kupapey & Mt. Fato Travel Guide

Its not mountains we counquer but ourselves. – Edmund Hillary

Last month we went to the mountains of Kupapey and Fato in Bontoc. After we found out about what happened to Mt. Pulag we decided to climb Mt. Kupapey and Mt. Fato instead. Although it’s long drive compared to Mt. Pulag, The Maligcog Rice Terraces view is worth it.

It’s 3 days and 2 nights trip but you can actually climb Mt. Fato and Mt. Kupapey in traverse so that you can save a day. But since most of us wanted our hike to be “chill hike”, we decided to do the first one. Since it’s January, the weather is cold enough to make me sick. Literally sick. I spend my first night having a high fever. But thanks to my friends who took care of me that night. ^-^

Unlike other mountains, Mt. Kupapey and Mt. Fato are not yet over populated. Take note that you can only rent a place in Maligcong. Don’t worry because there are many homestays in the area. Homestay’s landlady will also provide you a guide upon climbing Kupapey and Fato.

We stayed at Suzette’s Maligcong Homestay. It’s a good place to stay. They offer unlimited coffee, hot shower, and cozy bed. You can do your palengke shopping in Bontoc City proper. You can cook your own food at Suzette’s.

You can like their Facebook page at:

Suzette’s Maligcong Homestay

For our itinerary(c/o Jeff):


Day 0
Jan 25, 2018
07:00pm Meetup MCDO Valero (Behind RCBC Plaza)
08:30pm ETD Going to Maligcong, MT. Province

Day 1
Jan 26, 2018
06:00 am ETA Banaue Rice Terraces
08:30 am ETA Bontoc, Brunch
10:30 am ETA Bontoc proper Buy food supplies/ Quick Tour
11:30 am ETA Maligcong Homestay
12:00 nn Quick Rest
12:30 pm Quick Prep for Mt. Fato hike
01:15 pm Start trek to Mt. Fato
02:45 pm Summit/Photo Ops
03:30 pm Start descent
04:30 pm Arrival at homestay washup/Free time
07:00 pm Dinner
08:00 pm Free time / Socials
09:00 pm Lights Out

Day 2
Jan 27, 2018
03:30 am Wake-up call / Prepare Breakfast
05:15 am Start Trek to Mt. Kupapey
06:15 am Summit/Photops
07:00 am Start Descent via Maligcong Rice terraces (Short Trail)
08:00 am ETA homestay / Wash up
10:30 am ETD Maligcong (Lunch at Bontoc, Midtown Eatery)
11:30 am ETD Baguio
06:00 pm ETA Baguio (Dinner at Good Taste/50’s Diner)
00:00 am ETA Manila

More photos 🙂

Ate tour guide recommends:

  • Best to climb Kupapey during rice season (May-June) because the rice is fully grown that time. But its fine for me I’m happy even though the rice terraces is not fully grown. It’s really beautiful. Mountains in the north are always beautiful.
  • Climb Mt. Kupapey as early as 4:30 am for you to see the Sea of Clouds during sunrise.

PS. Thank you Francis for the pictures. ❤

More mountains to climb!

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