Mt. Batolusong and Kay-ibon Falls


Mt. Batolusong is located at Tanay, Rizal. It is very popular climb because its near in Manila and it has 3/9 difficulty level. Mt. Batolusong is an easy climb? No. No no no. Kids, let me tell you a story of how I climbed Mt. Batolusong.

Edited: This blog post has been in my drafts for years. I’m really sorry for not posting anything(Well, as if someone is really readung this anyways.)

Okey, Mt. Batolusong is my first ever climb, but since the weather is not that good during that day I decline to join them at the peak. I should have reach my first ever peak. Yeah I know, I regret that part. But anyways, I will like to share to you my dear readers my experience during my first hike.

I must say that hiking is not an easy thing to do. It will test your patience, body, and limits. Walking and balancing yourself for almost an 7 hours, and trying not to trip is a challenge. But now, I know why mountaineers keep on doing this thing. I learned that it is really different up there. After all the pain and you will see how beautiful it is, that is reason why they are coming back. Also, I love the way they treated other people in the mountains whether a local or same hiker they are so polite and gentle. They are always saying things like “Goodmorning” or “Ingat” and I think it is beautiful, because I’m used to traffic jams and stressful streets. It is something that you may want to experience again.

More mountains to go! Thank you Krizza’s Squad for 4th wheeling me. Love you beshies! Thank you Kuya Son of S&B Adventures for a very memorable hike 🙂

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Shot using Canon 700D and post-processed using Snapseed

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