First International Travel Guide for Filipinos

If this is your first time travelling abroad, you are in the right place dear! So, keep on reading.

23 years living on this country and finally I got the opportunity to travel outside the Philippines. I’ve been searching what to expect and what to do when its your first time abroad, I’ve been to so many travel websites. But I think the thing that they are lacking is the fresh experience of being first time outside our country. (Bcoz maybe they wrote the guide years after their legit experience. Am I making sense?)


What I actually do 5 months before my travel? (After booking a ticket)

  1. I did a lot of research about the country that I am going. My country is Taiwan, I am not aware that Taiwan has a visa when we booked the ticket. So, I searched about Taiwan Visa requirements. And I found out that the easiest way is to get a e-visa. There are no requirements except for your basic personal information. No need to pass bank statements and other certificates. Plus, I got my visa for like 30 mins after I paid online. If you are going to Taiwan, here’s the link of e-visa just click the links below:
  2. DIY vs TOUR PACKAGE. My friends and I are DIY enthusiast — Do you have other words for that? So, we decided to do everything in DIY. Yes, it took me a loooooot of time researching about itinerary that will fit the amount of time that we have in the said country. But, if you are a busy person I suggest that you book a tour package that is very affordable and hassle free. There are so many online websites that offers afforable tour packages like KLOOK and KKDAY. Klook offers different kind of discounts while KKDAY offers many packages to choose from. For additional discounts, use my promo code:
  3. Book a Room. This was my favorite part of the trip, I never thought that International Hostels/Hotels/Apartments are so cheap than booking a room here in the Philippines. I have 2 choices whenever I book accomodations, first Agoda. If you are looking for a nice but cheap Hotel room, book in Agoda. It is very easy and fun because your having a glimpse of what a country has to offer. But if you want to experience being local, book in Airbnb. In our Taiwan trip, I booked at Airbnb for very cheap price. What I love about Airbnb is that the previous customers experience is so true. Therefore, you can base your picking by the reviews. If you want to try Airbnb for the first time, just use my promo code you will get PHP 1,100 towards your first trip!! Here is my code:
  4. Book a WIFI. It is very necessary when you travel abroad, unless someone from that country will be going with you all the time. We booked our Portable Wifi via Klook for PHP 135.00 per day. And shame on you Philippines. Their Wifi is sooooo cheap yet so reliable. But be sure to bring on some portable powerbank because you will need to recharge it especially if you are travelling the whole day.
  5. Pack your bag. Travel light my dear friends, if you are a backpacker like me who likes to travel in backpack just bring the basic needs so you have a space for “pasalubog” at the end of the trip. Or if you are a shopaholic, book a excess baggage in your returning flight. Cebu Pacific offers cheap excess baggage fees. We booked 2 — 15 kgs baggages for only PHP 1600.
  6. Change currency. We did not do this part, but you should. I suggest that you should buy your needed currency at Czarina. Located at Dela Rosa, Makati City. You need to preschedule on what date you will buy the currency and the guard at Alabang Town Center said to me that I can only buy other currency at their main branch. We are not able to go to the main branch. We buy NT Dollars at the airport for 1.95 versus in Czarina 1.67. See the difference?
  7. Place the important document in one envelope. This is the most important part. Be sure to bring the following because the immigration may need the following documents when they question you.
  • Passport
  • Company ID (if working)
  • Itinerary
  • Booked Hostel/Hotel address
  • Return Ticket


Upon arrival at the airport:

  1. Check in. You can check in online to have a better seat at the plane or check in at the airport in their check in counter of check in portals.
  2. Baggage Check in. If you have one.
  3. Pay the unsettled dues. We are shookt at the moment that the Cebu Pacific lady told us that we need to pay Travel Fee. Around Php 550 each because only OFWs are free. We are like — WE DONT HAVE PHP ONLY USD. Therefore, be sure to bring PHP with you.
  4. Fill up the tiny form before Immigration. Sorry, I’m too excited to see the purpose of that tiny form that the Immigration is needed. Don’t worry because that guards will guide you tho. Should I stop writing na?
  5. Be ready for Immigration officer’s interview. TIP: JUST BE CONFIDENT. But not so scripted confident. Just answer what the officer asked. And give him the documents that he needed.
  6. Wait for your flight and pray. 🙂


Other tips:

  • We exchange our money(PHP) to USD. Because in Taiwan it is easier to find a bank that sells NT Dollars.
  • We buy NT Dollars at a local Bank in Taiwan for NTD 1.67 = PHP 1.00
  • Download a translation app in your mobile phone.
  • Eat like a local. We opted not to go for fancy restaurants.


Goodluck on your first trip abroad,


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