Daranak Falls: Low budget trip must try!



Daranak Falls, Tanay Rizal – One of the must see place in the province of Rizal. Last January 22, for our project “Walang Pamahiin Kapag Graduating/Makakagala kami kahit graduating” we went there. And of course, as a college student. We are on the tight budget. Luckily, one of my classmate recently learned how to drive his Mom’s car. Well, that’s the reason why it took me so long to blog about our wonderful trip 🙂 (Hindi kasi sya nagpaalam)

Since, this is trip was plan for just about 2-3 days we don’t have a solid itinerary. We are supposed to went there as early as 7 am. But there are some misunderstanding in the meeting place. Well, what do you expect in a “biglaan pero natutuloy” trip?

Back to the story telling, all of us (i think so?) are first timers in Daranak Falls. So, literally we don’t have a clue how to get there. And thanks to the modern technology especially Waze and Google Maps. We arrived at the place safe and sound.

IMG_7328Some Welcome sign with vandalism all over (sad)

IMG_7336Insert me and Lebie. Hahaha

IMG_7340Yes! This is a perfect place for meditation.


Other tourist attraction to visit in Tanay 🙂


Lemme do my signature pose. 🙂


Insert Me 🙁


Miming time. Hahahaha. Chaka ko sa “Lumulutang na babae pose”. Sarreh.

If I were given a chance to upload our entire trip I will do. Because its really beautiful place indeed to take your selfies and group photos. And for the people who are not fan of salty beaches, you will fall in love with Daranak immediately. Sad to say, we don’t have a chance get close to the mother falls. (part of us still believes that it’s too dangerous because we are graduating) There will be a next time for everything naman.

Summary of Expenses:

Gas – 350 pesos (better to gas up in Cainta, there’s a lane with very inexpensive gas!)

Food – 50 pesos/pax (You know, ambagan is a must)

Water – 10 pesos (or bring your own water)

Environmental Fee – 50 pesos/pax

Cottage – 35/pax (Umbrella type)

Ligo Fee – 10 pesos/pax

Wiwi Fee – 5 pesos/round

See? It’s not expensive to be close with mother nature. And besides you are also helping the locals of the province. Heads up to the people maintaining the area clean and organize. I definitely recommend this place as a must visit place around Rizal when you have a tight budget. 🙂

Next trip –> Anawangin

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