Cafe Diem: Board Games and Chill



Hello there hungry one! Craving for a new chill out place around the metro? Well, you came into the right hand (insert dramatic evil laugh?) I will share to you our short experience in Cafe Diem.

Cafe Diem is located at Unit 1, 3BB Building, 79 Kamuning Rd, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila, Philippines (thanks to google) it is a very chill board games cafe. Since as you know board games-themed-cafe is quite a hit for the people who loves to eat while playing their favorite board games.


I really love the interior of the cafe. The dim lights made me  want to snuggle in their super dopper huggable pillows and I don’t even mind how many people used it already! It took me forever before I ordered something to eat because I’m just literally hugging that pillow.

Also, they have a wide range of book collections that you can actually read if you’re not into board games or if you are having a “me time”. But I recommend that you should bring your friends and  play their board games. And because we get there late, we only tried one board game called “DixIt”. It was the most challenging and nerve wrecking game ever. ‘Coz you need to think creatively to win this game. (of course, I won!)



For the food, I really recommend that you guys try their Mignon Mclaughlin(Milo Banana Smoothie) I can’t pronounce it at first. But after drinking it, all I can say was “worth it”. Seriously, it’s sooo good. I’m a fan of banana milkshakes eh. We also tried their Shrimp Aligue Fussilli because I really love shrimp! But don’t try this if you are not into seafood (your breath will smell weird the whole night).


All in all, I can say that I will go back there and definitely want to try their unique drinks and coffee. It’s a good place for tambayan for the students and barkadas. But be mindful in creating noise, because some people are going there to study or doing their job, etc. 🙂

If you want to try Cafe Diem they are open from 10 am – 3am and you can enjoy their food for around Php 250.oo/person.


Always Hungry,

Gela 🙂

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