A Survivor Feels in Anawangin

anawangin sunset

Hey Hungry One! I’m sorry because it took me sooooo long to write about our Anawangin Overnight Camping Trip. Well, I know this is a very common excuse for being so late in everything. Busy kasi eh. But honestly speaking last few weeks I have been very busy because GRADUATION DAY IS COMING! FINALLY! So, expect me to have more gala this month of May. Back to the topic. I will tell you a short essay of our Survivor Feels in Anawangin (yes, essay talaga?)


Imagine your life without electricity and mobile network signal. Camping near in ocean. Trying your best to start a fire. Cooking without stove. Eating your food with a little bit of sand. Yeah! So, Anawangin Cove is located 30 minutes boat trip from Pundakit, Zambales Philippines. No cellular signal. No electricity available. No hotels. But it is one of a kind experience to try. As I said a while ago. I can compare my 2 days and 1 night in Anawangin as one of the episodes of Survivor. A reality show that you will try to survive in an island without the basic necessities.

anawangin beach camp

As you see, luckily there are so many tour packages that offers not only the tour itself, but also the things that you may need to survive Anawangin camping. Thanks to Ate Shella for giving us an affordable tour package. I will include her info below.

anawangin camp

anawangin camp

There are many campsites in the cove itself, if I’m not mistaken there are 4 campsites. Each campsites provides different services and different facilities. Also, there are mini sari-sari stores that is available whole day to provide what you need. Like, in my case I have a period (like, wtf mother nature? having period on this beautiful place? really man?) and there is no immediate warning for me like saying “Period is Coming”. Luckily, the very pricey sari-sari store provided me a 10 pesos each napkin. Yes. Double the price, beach.

anawangin store

The beach is divine. The sand is so pure. Untouched. Bare. Sexy. (Seriously, Gela?) Okey, I remember the right word to express my feelings toward the sand. Fine. The sand is very fine. Since it came from the ashes of Mt. Pinatubo. Its not really white sand beach. More likely a dirty white. The sea water is just right. If I will rate the saltiness(I drank so much water because of that stupid snorkeling thingy) 10 being the saltiest. The water is 4/10. But the only thing that was not good is the “almost” dead sea plants floating. And they are like super annoying.

anawangin beach

And of course, for me. The highlight of this trip was climbing the Hilltop. Hilltop provided us a better view of Anawangin Cove. It’s not a easy climb for me. I’m just wearing slippers during our climb. And some part of it you need to climb like a pro-like-wall-climbing, etc. Well, it’s my first time btw. I love to try trekking especially it is quite a trend right now. And I love heights. But my friends are painters and graphic illustrator. Yun laging drawing.

anawangin hill top

anawangin hill top

What is a good view without my forever inspiration? Mehee~ My photographer. Well, soon to be. He’s still figuring out how to focus the lens on me not behind me. But he is good at selfies.


anawangin souvenirs

Pasalubong Time! I know they said that you can buy those things in Divisoria with a cheaper price. But as a visitor. I want to help those sellers to earn some money. Because they are really sweet people and they are much willing to give you huge discounts even though they are not earning big money. So, yeah. I bought keychains for 25 pesos each and a ref magnet for 50 pesos.

anawangin cove

Lastly, I love this place because of its simplicity. Since, the place is a private property and not fully develop. The visitors are required to live their life as simple as possible. Having a bonfire during night. Laughing at each others jokes. Trying so hard to cook something consumable. Watching the beautiful sunset. Smelling the nature. It’s really fulfilling. I never been into many places. I want to explore the world one step at the time. But Anawangin is a place that I will never forget. This was the place where we started.


anawangin base camp

My shot VS His shot ­čÖü



And as I said before I will include our expenses and Ate Shella’s contact info:

Shella Soliman Facebook Account : https://www.facebook.com/matsumicoh

 Contact Details: +63 927 268 4714

Address: Pundakit Purok 3 San Antonio, Zambales


Tour Package : Php 1300.00/each min. 10 person for van transfer (MNL-PUNDAKIT-MNL Van Transfer, Environmental Fee, Boat Fee, Tent, Utensils, Ice, Wood for Bonfire, side trip to Capones Island and Duty Free Subic Bay)

Food: Php 200.00/each

Entrance for Hilltop: Php 50.00/each

Souvenir: Php 150.00

Coffee: Php 20.00

Taho: Php 15.00

Napkin: Php 30.00

TOTAL: Php 1765.00

My tip: Bring sunscreen because you will turn into nognog like me. Bring napkin. Just in case. Lastly, enjoy! You can sleep outside the tent if you want because trust me it’s really hot inside!

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