22 Years of Existence.

Yehey! 24 Hours of receiving good messages from friends, family, and loved ones was great. 22 Years of existence. Still, I’m living with my parents. But this year finally I can make something in return. Thank you Lord for the early gift. I still have a month to enjoy my unemployed stat. I’m not lifting my own chair here. I’m saying this because I’m proud of myself. I don’t came from a rich family but with the God’s grace we are financially stable right now. Studying for years has been a quite challenge for me. As the eldest, I should set a standard so my siblings will follow my lead. My parents are always expecting me to have a high grades that’s why I have this manipis na kilay eh. Btw, why I’m suddenly into this kind of drama? Well, this morning my dad said to me that he is too proud of me (I’m about to cry ughhh). And that was the greatest gift ever.

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